Sunday, January 18, 2009


Last night at 10:00 p.m., about thirty travelers, made up of students and faculty, started on our trip to Washington D.C. Everyone’s excitement did not keep them from sleep too long; most were out within an hour.

After seventeen hours on the bus, I managed only about three hours of sleep, divided into about twenty minute intervals each. I envy those who can sleep in a tight space with a roaring engine in their ears.

We stopped this morning at Cracker Barrel in Virginia to stretch our legs and to eat breakfast. This really helped everyone’s mood. Stepping out of the bus was my first time to experience ten degree weather. It was not too bad, but my opinion may change when I stand in it for hours in the days to come.

Everyone is very excited about the concert on Sunday that we hopefully will be able to attend. Lots of great artists are scheduled to appear including my most personal favorite of all time, Josh Groban. I am absolutely thrilled with the possibility of seeing him in concert. It would make this trip even more surreal.

Tonight we went ice skating, and everyone had a great time despite the frigid weather. I have been skating once in my life; therefore, I held on to the rails most of the night. When I finally was able to get in the middle and skate fast (holding on to two guy’s arms), it was very exhilarating.

After skating we walked around D.C. to find a local place to eat called Harry’s. During this time of walking around the city was my first experience seeing the Washington Monument and the capitol. Seeing these two landmarks of our country in person rather than in pictures was an awesome experience.

This city is absolutely amazing. The huge buildings on every corner are a remarkable sight. We are so excited for the days ahead and all the activities we have planned to have even more time to look around and take it all in. I can’t wait!


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