Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

On this day like no other in history, it is almost as though there are no words quite right to describe it. Whether or not you were a supporter of Barack Obama, anyone would certainly feel the energy and enthusiasm of this day. I was but a speck among this massive crowd of people yet at the same time I felt so mighty as I listened to our new president's words. I looked at all the diverse people near me, and it really struck me how each person’s face was immensely intense and concentrating on his words as I also found myself doing. I could plainly see that each person was feeling this same sense of “mighty.” The willingness to do their part as Obama has asked of the American people is evident all around me.

Being in the same place as President Barack Obama and his family, the new Cabinet, Senators, past Presidents, and other leaders of our country was a thrill like no other. We all realize that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Standing in our nation’s capitol alongside a sea of people, all there for the common purpose of witnessing this moment in history, was exhilarating. During the hours of anticipation before the event, my group talked, laughed, and danced with strangers. Experiencing this really made me feel the unity and equality of all people, which is exactly what President Obama states as a mission for all Americans.

This entire trip has been such a blessing, and I understand now more than ever the importance of our school, Jones County Junior College, sending us here. Not only have I witnessed our new President, but I have seen the history and beauty of our nation’s capitol, which is something all Americans should have the opportunity to do. Thank you, JCJC.

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